Mobsters With Shared Delusions

Folie en masse is a French term that literally means “mass insanity.” The psychiatric condition folie en masse — and its congeners folie à deux, folie à trois, etc. — refers to the transfer and sharing of delusional ideas from one person to one or more others who have been closely associated with the principally deluded individual. …

Trump’s Delusions Are Bad For Our Health

You feelin’ alright? I’m not feelin’ too good myself.

I see red and my stomach churns at the mere sight of Trump on TV, whether speaking at a rally or providing an update on the coronavirus pandemic.

“Turn it off,” my wife implores from the other room, while she patiently does her arts and crafts or plays “Candy Crush” on her i-phone.

But I can’t turn it off. I remain glued to the television, fixated on Trump, intrigued by his demeanor and outlandish remarks, which clearly put him in an alternate reality. You…

Why is it so important to scrutinize the social activities of young doctors when so many of them are sacrificing themselves and their loved ones to treat patients with COVID-19? Doesn’t that say enough about their character?

Well apparently several physicians affiliated with Boston University felt otherwise. After collecting data between 2016 and 2018 about the prevalence of unprofessional social medical content among young vascular surgeons, they felt it necessary to publish their findings in the August (2020) Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Worse yet, the journal’s editorial board, representative of the white male dominated medical establishment, saw nothing wrong with…

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What’s It Like to be a Doximity Community Fellow — COVID-19 Notwithstanding?

Doximity ( is the largest online community of healthcare professionals in the United States. It offers curated medical news, HIPAA-compliant on-demand video calls with patients, case collaboration, the opportunity to publish articles as essays or opinion pieces (“Op-Meds”), messaging, and other capabilities. Launched in 2011, Doximity claims to have over 1 million members in its network, including more than 70% of United States physicians, 45% of all nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and 90% of United States fourth-year medical students.

I was a Doximity Community Fellow from July…

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Any Functioning Adult: Deconstructing Donald Trump

During a presidential campaign stop in Philadelphia in early June, Joe Biden criticized Trump’s handling of the sometimes-violent nationwide racial protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Biden contrasted his leadership style with that of Trump, essentially labeling Trump a narcissist.

Biden quipped, “He [Trump] thinks division helps him. This narcissism has become more important than the nation’s well-being.” Biden mentioned several narcissistic traits he had observed in Trump, including:

· More interest in power than in principle

· More worried about himself than the nation

· Fear and finger-pointing…

Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA

Physician, author, speaker, wellness advocate

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